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Neos is a new company, founded with the intent of developing and designing innovative technologies in the field of digital printing. The team which composes it is made up of technicians

with skills and knowledge in the field of digital printing and various related sectors. The real strength of Neos is the experience brought by the people of the team, thanks to them Neos can fulfil the needs and customizations required by the market.

The strong point of Neos is to design and implement each part of its machines, mechanics, electronics, software and color management, placing the achievement of every goal as the main motivation.

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Analysing and designing solutions giving technical support and advice to customers is our priority, from design to start-up and after-sales. In order to provide to our customers a complete service by focusing on every problem, trying to improve every degree of functionality of our systems.


Starting from a concept or a need, passing through various research phases, and reaching a finished project thanks to our knowledge, this is our mission. The achievement of flexible projects that can always be improved and updated is bounded to the complete integration of mechanics, electronics and management. Neos through the sizing of components and solutions applies this latter concept creating innovative and simplified solutions to meet customer requirements.


Through our staff and through collaborations with local companies, Neos reaches the complete realization of the commissioned project. Neos guarantees the maximum efficiency and integration of their systems with the customer's management systems, by testing each component first in its own structure and then by the end customer.

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Flexible packaging – food compliance

Our technologies are suitable for every possible material your packages are made of.
Furthermore, they are certifiable for food contact, because they do not interfere with the products and fully respect the flexible nature of the package. Our water-based and ECO-UV inks combined with the specific advanced drying system are the best solution you can find on the market.


  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Plastic
  • Films
  • Aluminium
  • Laminated materials

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Metal Packaging

On sheets and on roll to roll.

Items such as cans and boxes usually have curved shapes. That’s why they need a system that can deal with differences in height and, at the same time, maintain the best image resolution and quality. NEOS can offer the right printing model for any product, whether on sheets or reels.



  • Metal and aluminum products

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Rigid Packaging & Corrugated Products

Focus on your design

Non-regular shapes or surfaces require custom solutions and maximum flexibility. The belt conveyor and advanced print heads allow a wide range of designs and extremely detailed graphics.



  • Cardboard and plastic products

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The high level of automation, and the benefits of variable data printing and real time editing result in shorter lead times, higher productivity and new and more competitive type of labels.



  • All types of plastic films
  • Aluminum and laminated product

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Decors & laminates

The ability to print on sizes measuring over two meters with the best quality and resolution makes our technologies perfect for graphic design projects. From the latest interior design trends to pop illustrations, NEOS provides all the applications for producing entire creative collections.



  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Plastic films
  • Wood and laminated material

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Traffic signs and outdoor advertising need to follow color specifications and retro-reflectivity as per traffic sign regulations and are charaterized by a high outdoor resistance.

Our technology allows us to supply the best resolution on several substrate, roll or sheets.



  • Cardboard
  • Plastic films
  • Plastic support
  • Laminated material

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Multiple variable elements, such as barcodes, serial numbers, text or images, are more and more necessary in several market and applications.
Neos can offer complete solution to integrate our digital units in production/packaging lines, with single or multi colors printing, at full resolution and speed.



  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Alufoil
  • Metal products
  • Laminated materials
  • Wood sheets

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Neos @ Digital Print for Packaging Europe

Neos @ Digital Print for Packaging Europe

We’re excited to announce that we will exhibit at Digital Print for Packaging Europe 2022.
This event organized by Smithers, recognized for delivering superior events for key decision makers, takes place in Berlin Germany on December 05th and 06th 2022.

Come by our stand and we will answer your questions about how to solve difficult challenges in metal and paper-based packaging printing.

Register now:

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Find out more about the NEOS method

Find out more about the NEOS method

Maintaining the coherence of colors between different kinds of products is a great challenge.
The color achieved on a specific substrate depends on the surface, the inks, and the print technology used. Our specialized team and the software we internally developed allow us to create the ideal conditions to obtain the highest possible image quality and reduce time and waste in production.

Find out more about the NEOS method:

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Neos R&D activities

Neos R&D activities

The printing industry continues to evolve over time, which is the reason why we constantly engage in R&D activities in our demo center based in Fiorano Modenese.
Here are three demo lines for different applications, up to 800mm width installed. Furthermore, we invite customers and prospects to bring their materials for print trials.

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Know How

Electronic Development

Modern printing systems require great technological development. Different Printheads have different electrical requirements and each of them has its own management mode. The generation of electrical signals capable of driving the Printheads is of critical importance, since it determines the volume of ink expelled by the Printheads. With the increase of printing's velocity, the synchronization and the alignment of the Printhead’s driving signals are becoming more difficult to achieve. In order to extract the highest quality and efficiency from our systems, the electronics is completely designed and realized inside the company. This fully reflects the vision with which Neos approaches the market, research and innovation are the two key concepts on which Neos is based.

Software Development

The Neos printing systems use a proprietary machine software entirely developed internally in Neos. The operational interface is completely integrated with the printing system and can be customized to meet customer requirements. The software manages the entire printing process, starting from the graphic file and concluding with the management of the printhead. Neos machines support various brands and models of Printheads to best adapt to application needs. Thanks to the Neos software, the machine can be completely integrated with the most famous Industrial Color Management systems. The software also allows data to be displayed, via different protocols, to third-party systems, for integration with the rest of industrial systems.

Color Management

A color management system (called CMS, Color Management System) is a set of software tools created to ensure uniformity of colors between different devices, regardless of the medium or device used for printing. Since the color depends on the devices and because the different devices use different technologies to produce the colors, the coherence of the colors between the supports is a great challenge. Color management systems are indispensable in printing processes, as they allow us to understand the quality of a product and, with dedicated control tools, allow us to create the ideal conditions to obtain the best possible print quality, reducing time and waste in production, in addition to achieving high quality standards. NEOS employs specialized personnel and dedicated software for the development of its digital printing systems, creating and using the tools necessary for the correct application of Color Management.

Vision System Technology

One of Neos' latest achievements has been the development of a high-definition vision system. This system can only be designed by combining theory and experience, in our case software programming (deep learning) and digital printing experience. This is a module that can be installed on all Neos’s printing machines. What differentiates it from other commercial systems is the very high resolution combined with a large printing width. The combination of these two factors generates an extremely versatile tool, usable from the setup phase to the final printing process.

Printing Process Optimiztion

Digital printing requires a combination of elements and processes so that a printed product can be finished and placed on the market. A process is then created in which the optimization of its parameters can determine numerous advantages both from a qualitative and an economic point of view. NEOS employs qualified personnel and specialized partners able to evaluate, process and create the most suitable solutions to define a production process dedicated to customer needs.

Precision Mechanics

Use of three-dimensional modelling for sizing the various components. Use of construction technologies from the most classic carpentry up to precision micrometric processing. Structural, dynamic, fluid dynamic and thermal calculation. The various areas are aimed at obtaining alignments, positioning, linearity of motion and supply of fluid to the heads for reaching the best print quality.

R & D Department

"Life is like riding a bicycle. To maintain balance, you have to move" (Albert Einstein).
Movement, and therefore innovation, is the basis on which Neos was founded. Neos firmly believes in innovation and therefore makes huge investments in research: the research and development section is technologically advanced, it aims to increase the effectiveness of its systems thanks to a team that combines method and experience. Modern digital printers require a huge study process in order to increase print quality, each printer requires an accurate tuning process. The physiognomy of each individual printhead is in fact studied, in order to optimize and refine the ink jet to obtain a print compliant to the customer's requests.

NEOS Digital Printing | Progettazione Ricerca Sviluppo

We develop and design every part of our machines to reach every goal

Know How

The Neos Method


Research in our sector is fundamental, especially for those who want to propose innovation, aiming to improve and always be one step ahead. Always look for new solutions at all stages of design; from the ideas that must not be ends in themselves, but functional and smart, to undertake roads not yet beaten: this is our goal. Through the collection of new information and with the support of a team of specialized people at every stage of the design, Neos can take advantage of every new technology in order to evolve its machinery.


Realizing and completing a project does not mean having finished our work, each project can in fact be further developed and improved. Through collaboration with the end customer and a constant internal research process, the systems already in operation are developed and improved: • Software updates and any customizations. • Improvement of resource management and simplification of human-machine interfacing. • Integration with supervisory systems and IT monitoring.


Customer support plays a central role in the NEOS vision, with an approach aimed at improving and maintaining the state of operation of the machines at the customer's establishment. Through a team of specialized technicians, and IT systems for remote assistance, Neos is committed to guaranteeing an active and constant support to the customer, from the installation phase to the normal work cycle.

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NEOS srl
Circondariale S. Francesco 124
41042 Fiorano Modenese (MO)

T: +39 0536 175 3797

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