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Research in our sector is fundamental, especially for those who want to propose innovation, aiming to improve and always be one step ahead. Always look for new solutions at all stages of design; from the ideas that must not be ends in themselves, but functional and smart, to undertake roads not yet beaten: this is our goal. Through the collection of new information and with the support of a team of specialized people at every stage of the design, Neos can take advantage of every new technology in order to evolve its machinery.

Sviluppo elettronica stampanti digitiali


Realizing and completing a project does not mean having finished our work, each project can in fact be further developed and improved. Through collaboration with the end customer and a constant internal research process, the systems already in operation are developed and improved: • Software updates and any customizations. • Improvement of resource management and simplification of human-machine interfacing. • Integration with supervisory systems and IT monitoring.

Sviluppo elettronica stampanti digitiali


Customer support plays a central role in the NEOS vision, with an approach aimed at improving and maintaining the state of operation of the machines at the customer's establishment. Through a team of specialized technicians, and IT systems for remote assistance, Neos is committed to guaranteeing an active and constant support to the customer, from the installation phase to the normal work cycle.

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We develop and design every part of our machines to reach every goal

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