Stampante Industriale Digitale U-Roll

Neos Utility UR series, is a “multipass” inkjet digital printing machine with Roll to Roll transport of generous dimensions equipped with all the accessories for loading and unloading the reels, film aligners and stretchers, cutting and joining table film, extremely flexible, single head with 8 color bars for one CMYK+4 spot color process or the possibility of having double CMYK+CMYK four-color process for printing in both directions for high productivity.

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U08R Utility UR - Digital Printing Neos

Steel structure and polycarbonate carters

The possibility of using inks of different kinds, from classic to special UV LEDs with integrated lamps, Water-based and integrated IR drying, Solvent-based stc stc
The Neos Utility UR series has a steel structure and polycarbonate carters, it is compact but impressive, the rigidity of the structure is justified by the high quality standards.

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