Digital Inkjet Printing Machine Fighter F-ROLL

Neos Fighter FR series, is a very high quality digital inkjet press with a production speed up to 120 mt/min, configurable up to 12 color/pinning stations. Created to meet the highest demands for flexibility, in real time you can configure the sequence of colors and coatings and for printing all variable data, duplex printing, accurate management of peripherals for printing with waterbased inks and UV with all accessories for IR drying for printing with UV led inks. Ultra reliable, with a very short preparation time and with the possibility to queue different projects and run them in sequence the serious Fighter FR series sets new records.

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Digital Printing NEOS

Multiple configurations, wide choice of accessories

Neos Fighter F12UV series is the only extremely flexible label printing machine, combining the synchronism between flexo and digital as one thing, simple and fully configurable roll to roll transport system with a wide choice of accessories. Neos’s commercial policy is upsetting the digital printing industry, proposing the F12UV open to a very large number of ink manufacturers while offering its own family of high performance inks for many applications. Same thing for the F12WB, same family and same technology as the previous one, characterized by the use of a new family of water based inks with and without VOC substance. Important feature is the solution of the vacuum table transport for printing on rigid and thick substrates.

Fighter F F12RUV F12RWB

Color bars

12 12

Station configuration 1

WW+ pin, CM+pin, YK+pin, Spot+Spot+pin WW, CMYK, Spot+Spot

Station configuration 2

WW+pin,CM+pin,YK+pin,Varnish+Varnish+pin WW, CMYK pin, Spot+Spot+Varnish+pin

Station configuration 3

2C+pin, 2M+pin, Variable

Perfecting print

- Revers print

Media system

Roll to Roll

Printing heads

Ricoh, Xaar, Konica minolta, Fujifilm, Epson

Printing resolution

From 600 to 1800 dpi, From 2 to 12 pl 4 grayscale

Printing speed

Up to100 m/min

Printing width

Configurable from 106 to 530 mm


UV led Water based

Reel widht

From 100 mm to 530 mm

Reel diameter

Max 600 mm

Reel core diameter

Media thickness

From 100 to 500 micron

Media thickness with cooled rollers

From 20 to 500 micron

Usable media

White and transparent PP, PE, PVC, PET, BOPP, PET, Aluminum

Working environment

20 – 28°C, 40 – 60% RH - 20 – 28°C, 40 – 60% RH

Web cleaber

Single side or double side

Corona treatment

Yes with power fine tuning

Synchronism sensors

Yes with synchronism reading

Variable data printing

Yes barcode Qrcode, customized

UV dryer


IR dryer


Controlled atmosphere chamber

Yes, with residual OX sensor //

Integrated vision

Yes CIS technology

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