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"Life is like riding a bicycle. To maintain balance, you have to move" (Albert Einstein).

We develop and design every part of our machines to reach every goal

Sviluppo elettronica stampanti digitiali

Electronic Development

Modern printing systems require great technological development. Different Printheads have different electrical requirements and each of them has its own management mode. The generation of electrical signals capable of driving the Printheads is of critical importance, since it determines the volume of ink expelled by the Printheads. With the increase of printing's velocity, the synchronization and the alignment of the Printhead’s driving signals are becoming more difficult to achieve. In order to extract the highest quality and efficiency from our systems, the electronics is completely designed and realized inside the company. This fully reflects the vision with which Neos approaches the market, research and innovation are the two key concepts on which Neos is based.

Sviluppo elettronica stampanti digitiali

Software Development

The Neos printing systems use a proprietary machine software entirely developed internally in Neos. The operational interface is completely integrated with the printing system and can be customized to meet customer requirements. The software manages the entire printing process, starting from the graphic file and concluding with the management of the printhead. Neos machines support various brands and models of Printheads to best adapt to application needs. Thanks to the Neos software, the machine can be completely integrated with the most famous Industrial Color Management systems. The software also allows data to be displayed, via different protocols, to third-party systems, for integration with the rest of industrial systems.

Sviluppo elettronica stampanti digitiali

Color Management

A color management system (called CMS, Color Management System) is a set of software tools created to ensure uniformity of colors between different devices, regardless of the medium or device used for printing. Since the color depends on the devices and because the different devices use different technologies to produce the colors, the coherence of the colors between the supports is a great challenge. Color management systems are indispensable in printing processes, as they allow us to understand the quality of a product and, with dedicated control tools, allow us to create the ideal conditions to obtain the best possible print quality, reducing time and waste in production, in addition to achieving high quality standards. NEOS employs specialized personnel and dedicated software for the development of its digital printing systems, creating and using the tools necessary for the correct application of Color Management.

Sviluppo elettronica stampanti digitiali

Vision System Technology

One of Neos' latest achievements has been the development of a high-definition vision system. This system can only be designed by combining theory and experience, in our case software programming (deep learning) and digital printing experience. This is a module that can be installed on all Neos’s printing machines. What differentiates it from other commercial systems is the very high resolution combined with a large printing width. The combination of these two factors generates an extremely versatile tool, usable from the setup phase to the final printing process.

Sviluppo elettronica stampanti digitiali

Printing Process Optimiztion

Digital printing requires a combination of elements and processes so that a printed product can be finished and placed on the market. A process is then created in which the optimization of its parameters can determine numerous advantages both from a qualitative and an economic point of view. NEOS employs qualified personnel and specialized partners able to evaluate, process and create the most suitable solutions to define a production process dedicated to customer needs.

Sviluppo elettronica stampanti digitiali

Precision Mechanics

Use of three-dimensional modelling for sizing the various components. Use of construction technologies from the most classic carpentry up to precision micrometric processing. Structural, dynamic, fluid dynamic and thermal calculation. The various areas are aimed at obtaining alignments, positioning, linearity of motion and supply of fluid to the heads for reaching the best print quality.

Sviluppo elettronica stampanti digitiali

R & D Department

"Life is like riding a bicycle. To maintain balance, you have to move" (Albert Einstein).
Movement, and therefore innovation, is the basis on which Neos was founded. Neos firmly believes in innovation and therefore makes huge investments in research: the research and development section is technologically advanced, it aims to increase the effectiveness of its systems thanks to a team that combines method and experience. Modern digital printers require a huge study process in order to increase print quality, each printer requires an accurate tuning process. The physiognomy of each individual printhead is in fact studied, in order to optimize and refine the ink jet to obtain a print compliant to the customer's requests.

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