Contatta Neos Digital Printer





Your brand color palette is a way to differentiate your business in a crowded market. It may help you give a professional image and get recognition. This is why you need to assure color consistency across different contexts, technologies, and applications.

Discover how Neos digital printers can help you


Same color gamut during the print run

Color consistency is challenging to implement. It may be affected by the printing processes, type of inks used, and surfaces. All Neos machines are designed to guarantee consistency and maintain the same color gamut across technologies during the entire print run.

Stable register setting

Neos technology allows to keep stable the register setup over time. It means any impression on the surface occurs in the exact position and the outline of the image aligns precisely with the others to avoid overlapping.

Minimal machine downtime

Neos digital printers reduce downtime caused by color changes. This means to improve supply chain efficiency, increase productivity, lower costs and waste.

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